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Originally Posted by Chilehead View Post
Someone stole my 21" mower this year back in May (I never posted about it). Same story as yours: crummy cameras. However, these guys were organized. Per the surveillance video, one guy walked into the parking lot while texting on his cell phone. He sat down on a bench about 50 feet from my rig. When I went to mow around the back, a gold sedan (all pimped with 22" rims) came flying in. Two guys with bolt cutters darted out of the vehicle, popped my trailer locks, lifted my mower, and sped off. While they were lifting the mower, the guy on the cell phone jumped in the back seat of the gold car--clearly he was the lookout scout. The whole thing happened in 17 seconds.
I feel your loss and hope you get your equipment back.
I have to ask where you were working when you were robbed. Somewhere along Moreland Ave close to Atl? Clayton County?
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