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Originally Posted by Capemay Eagle View Post
Maybe when I move and have multiple acres of treeless property, then maybe. I have got to stop with this insanity. My wife has just come to accept this insanity and her thought is, if I am happy, she if happy for me, but she still thinks I need help This is like my 6th mower since 06. Most of the people on my street have a lawn service, but the ones with tractors have had the same one since before I can remember. I mean the guy I sold my lawn tractor to so I could by my first Fastrak still has it LOL Usesi it every week.

I have just come to terms that a ZTR just does not work for me. My yard is to small for what I want and need. Just to much debris and even in the summer, there are always leaves. I have been eyeing the X300 for years and the tractor is just a thing of beauty. As much as I love my ZTR's a tractor just fits my needs.
I hear ya. It comes down to an individuals needs for sure. I'm still loving my little ZTR. There's been a few times when being able to mow fast to beat the dark has been very nice...mainly in the middle of our hot and humid summers when I try to mow just before dark. Also I mow a couple neighbors yards for some extra cash and the ZTR has been great for that also...time wise. Right now, I don't see my self going back to a tractor. I do plan to move in about a year and a half, and I'll see what size of a yard I'll have to maintain.

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