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from what Ive read, this isnt the kind of work you do. So, technically, you shouldn't just "up and start" with random advice from the internet.
That would be like posting the question "how do I rebuild my corvette's engine" and spend money doing what some stranger told you to do...and expecting everything to come out great.

"I know how to operate a bobcat"
What does that mean? I can move one around the rental yard?
IF you don't know what kind of equipment you need and how to price this, you are so incredibly over your head you shouldn't go near a landscape job without mentorship/supervision.

My suggestion is find a guy who knows what he is doing, refer him the job and then shadow him, or possibly sign on to work for him on the job (helping him/his crew out) and learn the trade.

That's the best way to jump from planting a few bushes into earthwork/full scale landscaping.
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