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Fall cleanup: Do yard vacs work?

I do about 10-15 spring and fall cleanups a year so about 30 total. One part of the job always requires blowing out the beds of clipping and debris and then raking them up and putting them in a wheel barrow and dumping it into the truck or dump trailer.

I hate raking and loading into a barrow! It is the slowest part of our operation!

Do any of you use a yard vac like a billy goat or craftsmen yard vac? I see they have small chippers as well but I am really more interested in the vacuum part of the deal. I am wondering if we blow out the beds after pruning and trimming and then one guy just follows vacuuming up debris?

I see them around here for 175 dollars used and I see a few a season.

Give me your experiences with these units. Waste of time?

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