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I am a one man operation, I bought one of the older Billy goat lawn vac's. I did not make anything easier at all. In my opinion there a waste of money. The bag fills quickly, it's hard to dump the bag, it really doesn't do well except for on smooth surfaces. I am all about trying to become more efficient at leaf removals. So I came up with a solution with some scrap parts left over from a previous problem I solved. This machine is has its place. I use it for gated back yards, or small piles of leaves or debris. It sucks everything up into a 55gal. bag. It's ugly but it's better than wrestling a tarp through a 36" gate or bagging by hand (ohh' look dog poo!) Some customers I can leave the bags for the city pick up the rest I stack in the back of my truck until I get home. If I have a large amount of leaves I will take my trailer.
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