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What headz said...
Originally Posted by imownh View Post
I own iMowNH, iPlowNH and iLandscapeNH dot coms. They've worked for me and I have them directed to my website so no matter how you type them they go to my main website that has my company info on it.
As those specifically relate to your current, non-lead gen business, I view it as nothing more than a dilution of your core brand and search strength. Why not just rank your main domain for those cities/states/services, instead of diluting?

Originally Posted by imownh View Post
I bought them for all the states planning on doing a national lead generation program. I've had wicked good success with them in my area. Don't know what your thoughts are on domain name importance in advertising and branding. Thinking about offering them for sale. I put a page on my website to get set up. What do you think?
Unless you've ranked individual sites for the domain names, the value is no more than whatever you paid for the registration fees, and even then... Without any sites legitimately ranking, I could just as easily rank for, say, Kansas. Exact match domains just don't mean much and, honestly, I can't imagine anyone searching "I mow NH", so there's that.

If your sites are having "wicked good success", it's probably due to your content sitting on it, not the domain name, or network of domain names.

Also, as a bit of a sidebar, the national lead gen space is extreeeemely competitive and expensive. It's definitely not something you would be able to dabble in.
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