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Only 4 local Exmark/Toro dealers have ever seen a stand-on aerator at their location (East Des Moines, Prairie City, Clive, and Adel). Only 2 of them have ever sold one (Clive & Adel). Only one has ever worked on one (Clive), but they thought the problem was under inflated tires. So you can see why I am concerned. On the other hand, I trust Mike (owner of Adel Power Equipment).

FD - we already aerated lawns with irrigation systems & invisible dog fences (before leaves began to fall). Iowa One Call marks lawns once at no charge. To have them do it again costs us big money. Water, electric, sewer = no problem. Phone & cable are a different story cuz they usually don't bury it to code. Often just 1 - 2 inches below the surface. They may use 2 or 3 or 4 flags, but for many feet in between = painted lines, and the lines always "curve". This is why we need to be able to see the painted grass.
Our aerator initially worked fine. Other than changing the engine oil, the unit is the same as when we got it. Chains are at proper tightness & oiled daily. Adel dealer said we've done a fine job.

Aleman -- some guys used a lazar cutter on their LS stand-on's. Maybe RABBITTMAN knows why, but I was told it was in regard to drive chains. ???

DA -- how 'bout them HAWKEYES!
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