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Not having a box truck or leaf loader I went the Billy Goat SP lawn vac.

It is better then raking, mulches so I use less bags. Down side so so on acorns, poor job on gum balls. However the dried out black gum balls are lighter then the green ones so it is a little better on them.

Accessory vac tube works good until the bag gets half full then the vac tube plugs up. Vac tub will plug up if you try to pick up too much leaves at once.

If I got busier an needed a second lawn vac a may test out the DR brand.

Also like the idea of getting a trac vac that I can pull behind my rider. It uses a 55 gal pail that I can put in a leaf liner. Pail full, lift out the liner tie, stack at the curb.

Though with more customers wanting weekly leaf clean ups I may just blow out the beds onto the lawns, then use my mowers with bags.
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