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Originally Posted by FdLLawnMan View Post

An implement dealer would be able to figure out the hydraulics pretty easy. If I had to call the marking service for every lawn I aerated I wouldn't be aerating. It is not my fault if they did not bury the cables deep enough. Out if all the guys who aerate in here I will bet that very few have lawns marked for anything other than irrigation or underground dog fences, and those are the responsibility of the homeowner.
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Mike, I pondered about checking with an implement dealer regarding the hydraulic problem, but I did not want to affect the one year warrantee with Exmark. Lord knows we have dozens of John Deere dealers within a hundred miles of here (50313).
In my state, we are required by law to contact Iowa One Call. I wish it was not that way, and I know what you're saying. Thanks.
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