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As the leaves fly into the bagger they will clog the screens and reduce suction its just the nature of the beast. If you look at the video it gets worse over time so thats one issue. Another is you favor the right side of the deck and do not make the left where you make your cut into a line. The left side will tend to suck in the leaves better where the right side will tend to repulse them. Also in nearly every pass the vac motor was over the leaves themselves and never on clean grass so much of that blow out could be caused from that. I just mowed my own lawn today course I didn't have leaves like yours mine were 10 times as bad I filled the collection system 14 times. So I do have some idea what your going through and many of my passes had to be done more than once but with both my fradan 18 self propelled blowers down I didn't have much choice but to bag.
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