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Chiro is all thats kept me going in this business.
If you get a sore back, try getting the wife to push on the Sciatic nerve. It should be just below the hip on your back side. Easy to find cos it hurts like hell if its pushed on. Do both sides, 2 or 3 mins pushing heavily on them. My chiro uses his elbow!!!!! Enough to bring tears to the eyes!
But, it works! No pain, no gain kind of thing.

Again, see a good "sports" chiro. Someone who looks after pro sportsmen and women. Get a referral from someone that uses one!
The guy I go to sees pro iron men, basket ball players, surfers etc. He knows his stuff!

Im over due now actually!

Something else thats helped in the past is a hard core massage. Not the nice, happy ending or hippy kind but he terribly painful kind!
Had whiplash once from hitting my head on a bird feeder. Had physio and all the associated gizmos but nothing helped. My friend was seeing a masseuse. I went over to have a few beers and she saw I couldn't turn, robot like, sat me down and punished me big time. (Not in a good way! hehe) but the next day I woke up and was like there was never a problem. Blew me away. 4 weeks or so I was seeing "real" doctors, physios etc costing many hundreds and she sorted it only 20mins or so. She was hot though! ha
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