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It's not just that. A lot of "larger" churches have experimented in the past several years by using "small group" based Bible studies and interaction as a way to allow people to get to know one another better and not feel so lost in the crowd. Small group sessions have been around for decades. Rick Warren back in the early 2000's was one of the bigger ones in the evangelical settings to get it mainstreamed. His church in CA is a "mega church" and one of his books was somewhat designed to be most effective when read/interacted in a "small group".

But again, it's not just churches... I know when I was in "industry" the company I worked for had 8 branches across 4 states with over 600 employees. Each branch was similar in what functions we offered to clients with each have several specialty departments (mine was IT audit w/emphasis on network security and financial control), so quarterly we had a big get together with the other similar departments from the other branches to do somewhat of an informal review of each others work and what we were seeing in the field and stuff. It was good, basically a 3 day paid vacation on the clock...
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