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I'm sitting here in pain right now from some back trouble, every now and again my back will hurt bad, and then I will go to my chripractor that I do work for so we trade services thankfully. But right now I think I have a sciatica issue, it starts behind my right knee with a tight tendon feeling running up to my pelvis and lower back, the tightness has been going away but with a terrible pain in my lower back. I had to go to my chripractor over lunch today, and he cracked the everliving **** out of it and it felt great but instead of going home and icing it i joined back up with my crew and worked the rest of the day. I was limping home with a very sore lower back, I'm hoping this goes away soon. I'm going to hit the chiropractor at the end of the week, I think I'm tweaked pretty good and need some more straightening out. It makes me nervous at going on 32 having back issues with this kind of work but mostly the pain will go away in a couple days or weeks I'm hoping this is the case .
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