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Originally Posted by YellowDogSVC View Post
What's the difference between a switch n go and a hook lift?
There are several physical differences the main is how the box is actually pulled onto the truck. For a hook lift there is a mechanical arm that reaches back and hooks into a bail on the dumpster it then pulls the box up and onto the truck. The SNG system is a cable operated system. It uses a Warn winch that uses a hook to attach to the front of the dumpster and pull it up on the truck. There are other smaller differences such as the box hold downs when it is on the truck and the rail dimensions on the bottom of the box. There are 2 main reason we switched from the SNG to the hook lifts. The first and for most was safety. With the SNG we snapped several cables. Not sure how many of you have personally seen a large cable snap but is one the more scary things I have seen in my lift. When it came to the cost of the hook lift it seems real cheap in comparison to putting my employees, and customers lives in danger, just my opinion though. The second reason was speed and number of turns. We do 8-10 turns a day in the busy season and the SNG flat out just will not keep up. Who every posted about the SNG being specifically designed for medium duty truck was spot on.

Here are 2 videos of how each work. One is our hook lift and the other is the SNG system.

Hook Lift System

SNG System
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