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Originally Posted by Hawkshot99 View Post
I dont know if I would be openly posting on a public forum that you break the law. Especially, when ou have your companies name posted on the same site....
Originally Posted by KrayzKajun
I run it in my dually all the time. No issues.
I assume that Kajun is only running it in his truck in an off road application.

I'll also point out to those who do run their trucks off road A LOT you can get a check back for the tax paid on fuel used off road if you can track it. Additionally if you want to only buy one type of fuel, and you track what you put it in you get get a check back for off road uses. For Example: I runabout 500 gals a month in on road diesel, and about 100 gals/month in my equipment. If i want to fuel both off of a single tank with a dispensing meter, I can submit my fuel logs to the DMV to get a roughly 30 check each month for the tax on fuel I didn't use on highway.
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