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out of the box fix for a frustrating stihl fuel cap

i'm tired of the caps, new and old, and just went out looking for generic replacements for my stihl stuff. My BR400 has an interesting work around. I found a cap that fits, and supplies a vent, and comes on and off like a cap should, no tools, no leaks.
So here goes, its an airsoft BB bottle cap. looks like a catsup cap from a restaurant, and the bottle i used held 2000 pellets. The cap is meant to pour out the bb's into the receptacle, and this supplies the vent. i stuff the cap with cotton or other fiber that is fuel proof, that provides the breathing. The cap just screws onto my BR400 with the threads. One can also put a wire thru the BB hole and place a T on it and put this in the tank, then the cap can't be lost. Red ones are easier to find if you lose one. Will attempt to put a pic up of the bottle i used. Good luck with you Stihl fuel caps.
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