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In Michigan that is Category 7. I had it for a couple years but dropped it as I was not doing enough to justify the insurance. The study guide for that was very helpful.

Prevention by treating ponds is definitely the better way to go but you need widespread cooperation for it to work well. Typically chemocals are embedded in large pellets about the size of hockey pucks are dropped or placed in ponds and lakes. They work like aquarium feeders in that they can be bought at different formulations to last anywhere from a week to nearly 3 months. Some towns are aggressively working to limit mosquito populations preventively and with widespread spraying of adults Great if you are in one of those areas. I am not.

Bifenthrin is probably the chemical you want if you are spraying to kill adult mosquitos. JDL has is as "Cross Check," I believe. It is worthwhile to get a study guide from your state. Learn the life cycle in your area and what habitats need to be treated.
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