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It's been in service with us since 2007, it just turned 100k it's basically just a plow rig for us because it only gets maybe 6mpg with the v10 in it. We only put 20k on it in 6 years.

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how many years has that truck been in service for you? I'm starting to redo my f-350 this weekend, its been good to me. I bought it right before I officially opened my business in april of 2011 with 238,000 and I just hit 287000 miles tonight, the motor is getting pulled this weekend, and all leaks are getting fixed, its getting an egt, boost, trans temp gauge, the oil pan isn't rusted but while the motor is out i'm replacing that the rear main seal, anything else that is known to leak and tough to reach when the motor is in, my 3" down pipe is going on along with my 4" straight piped exhaust I have. then its getting injectors, even though it only needs injector o-rings but i'm already gonna have the injectors out, and to do the o-rings is 600 new injectors are 1200, and I can add a few hp if I want to. then its getting fenders, bumpers, doors, cab corners, and a bed then its off to paint. i'm gonna hold off on the body panels until spring time, sounds crazy to redo the body right before winter in my opinion.
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