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The irrigation system needs to be balanced so that the entire yard receives the proper amount of water (such as more in sunny areas, less in shade, and so on)... It is a time consuming process that, unless you have the home-owner's cooperation, won't have but so much benefit... Fact is the system needs to be adjusted according to seasonal changes in temperature and rainfall as we go through the year as well, and to be blunt, if the homeowner doesn't care, as a rule neither do I.

Generally speaking it takes 20-30 maybe 45 minutes to an hour to go through the entire system the first time, zone by zone, inspecting each head and mapping out the area, then making the adjustments both to the timers and possibly to individual sprinklers as well, so as to make sure coverage is appropriate. Yeah, I mean I'm telling you, it's a labor of love and it's not something I do for anyone except long term customers.

After that it takes waiting and seeing how it all works out, one or two more tweaks are not unusual
but once you get it all set up and straight it's really nice to have it that way.

So if they do care, it can be a worthwhile endeavor.
More so because I don't charge for the service.

It's especially nice if their controller box has a % adjustment button.

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