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I would be quite interested in trying this. Given the choice between reading company sales material and then speaking to a PhD versus someone who has used it in the field for two years, I would be more interested in what the applicator had to say.

I use MESA products in some places now and have for 4-5 years. MESA's consistency of release and length of response is better than anything else I have used. 'Spread It and Forget It" 180 day formulation sounds even more promising. One of its often repeated selling points is "half a piece of MESA is still MESA" meaning that how it works is unchanged by injury to the granules - even being cut into pieces by mowers. The Duration sales material states that its release mechanism is unchanged by excess water. Says it is temperature dependent and that the granules are tough but did not say what happens if you do manage to injure them. I would not be interested in the type with pre-emergent but do wonder if that, too, releases throughout the year when it is unneeded or if the herbicide is somehow front loaded on the response curve.

jlbf0786 did you literally mean a ton as in 40 bags or 'a whole bunch' as in a semi load?
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