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Since the majority of my accounts are billed per application I would find it hard to explain to a customer that I was going to charge them more for one application of fertilizer that would last an entire season.

I have timed all my weed and Fert apps so I am there at the necessary times to get products down to prevent weeds or treat properly. Since I am going anyway I would rather spread out my Fert application.

When I looked a while back the highest N they had was a 16-4-8 I think. Seems you would put I very high rate of Fert at one time as opposed to a 30-6-10.

Could be a great product for commercial applications where they don't care as long as it gets done and looks good.

May have to revisit this.

After posting I see they have different and better options now.

Still to get the normal 3 lbs of N per year I would need to apply 8-9lbs per 1000. Seems like a lot of product and you need to be very accurate if you are only applying once.
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