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Originally Posted by Toro 455 View Post
My trimmer is a Stihl 4-mix with the flip up gas cap. Best trimmer I've ever owned. Lower tone to the motor. Better torque. Gas cap is quick and effective. Yeah, it has a little learning curve. But it's a better cap.

I had a Toro t-bar WB and never liked it. Bought it new and wore it out. (OK, beat it to death is more like it.) I do like my new Exmark's ECS controls though.

Something I thought was the ultimate flub was the Puegot diesel in my 455. Nobody liked them, especially the mechanics. But mine's been so sweet. Purrs like a kitten. Much quieter than the Kubota or Yanmar they now use. I just keep the timing belt changed and it doesn't disintegrate.

Even though the corn fuel program wasn't a big success, I'm in favor of it. It finally got the price of corn to where my neighbors won't have to sell their farms. It's not been that long ago they were selling stoves that burned corn for fuel.

I can't think of anything that was an embarrassment to the entire industry. It's not like we have the Edsel to point to. That was unquestionably the worse car ever made.
I've been through 10-15 of those damn gas caps. If you don't twist it on all the way and lock it, then the plastic center breaks and won't secure the cap. The next thing u know the side of your body is covered in gas and half the tank emptied out on someone's lawn. Garbage, the machine is great, but the caps are garbage...
Where is that one tool, that I left... At the one job.... Or maybe the other? Where am I? Whose truck is this?
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