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Originally Posted by KrayzKajun View Post
Trucks in tht size range are very popular with gas engines around here. We don't have any hills. **** we are below sea level.
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I've been researching the heck out of hook lift trucks. While I've always wanted a grapple loader truck, just looking at the endless possibilities of a hook lift system makes it attractive. You have a lot of different services that would benefit from several different setups. I certainly see the benefits of a smaller dump truck. While the sandbags are neat, without storms or competition from the new polymer bags, having other setups will help keep you working. Sometimes I wish I could just focus on one thing but in my area there just isn't enough steady work clearing so I do roads and other dirt work as well as move a lot of brush or mulch brush piles. What I get a lot of calls for is hauling stuff off. I have the dump trailer but it's kinda small and a pita to maneuver and it eats tires just hauling logs and stumps.
Having a larger/longer truck that's dedicated for moving materials or wood or junk seems like it would compliment the machines I have access to.

I'm curious what you decide and hope you find the right combination. I'm on the fence about selling my big chipper and buying a truck instead but I can't see a way that a truck will generate the per-day income that the chipper does but maybe I'm wrong. I think I would enjoy life a little more if I wasn't chipping in 100 degree weather!

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