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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Soil test to compare to what? How would we know if the soil test was good enough or not?? What is the formula that tells us, "No compaction here."

I think we are straining at gnats, while swallowing a camel here... the focus is on aeration of heavy muddy soils being a waste of time or not,,, becuz it seems that there is a belief out there in 'LCO Land' that aeration is good at any cost...

I would like to zero in on what conditions/factors need to be considered before just wasting clients' money to sell aeration... Especially if people are going to start advertising for it, to convince the public at large that it is a good thing, when in fact,, what they are doing is all wrong...
You know,,, like doll hair over-seed...

Heavy muddy clay soils with OM less than 2%, I would core aerate and add OM for faster results......But no way would I do it in wet Muddy conditions for the obvious.

The high Mg clay soils I have been dealing with are "Managed" using Albrecht's Base Saturation Methods.

In addition to that model, try using Inputs of Humic Acid and other carbon sources applied with every single application to Turfgrass, and not always N, especially when soil temps are very warm.

Over time managed clays can have better structure.
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