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Originally Posted by heritage View Post

Heavy muddy clay soils with OM less than 2%, I would core aerate and add OM for faster results......But no way would I do it in wet Muddy conditions for the obvious.

The high Mg clay soils I have been dealing with are "Managed" using Albrecht's Base Saturation Methods.

In addition to that model, try using Inputs of Humic Acid and other carbon sources applied with every single application to Turfgrass, and not always N, especially when soil temps are very warm.

Over time managed clays can have better structure.
That is the way to go. Lots of talk about putting on more organic matter and aeration, Not much on base saturation. I would be making bricks if I were to aerate and add more organic matter. In order for organic matter to do me any good, the entire soil profile would need replacement with 75% inert sand and 25% organic matter. I have done that for those who cannot wait for base correction to work.
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