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Originally Posted by agrostis View Post
Look's good... nice dark green. Is that a recent picture? It sure is nice to see the right grass in the right place.

Thank you very much again. And yepp, that picture was from Wednesday (Yesterday) after I finished cutting. When I first cutting the first month, I didn't bag the first time or two. I regretted that dearly. Had thatch starting to build up, so I took a thatch rake and manually raked the whole yard lightly without tearing anything up and got what thatch was in there up. Not necessarily all of it, I was trying to leave some protection for the colder months, but didn't want too much thatch underneath. Now I bag each and every mowing. It's not really noticeable from the road or anything, unless you walk through it and look very closely. I can see some areas are just a tad bit thinner than other areas. Then I noticed each area that is just a little bit thin is under the most shaded areas of the tree. So I'll definitely be doing more clearing of the branches in those areas in the Spring time. But other than that I'm very, very happy. The spot problem I was having went away after the initial first month of heavy watering and the heat died down. Now I'm pretty much letting it do it's own thing. I can't wait for the spring to come around. As I've told you I love just being out there and making it look nice. I think it will look very good next year, but I'm going to worry about the health of the lawn and make sure it stays that way. I'm planning to do an aeration/dethatch in the spring along with the initial spring composting and will be composting two more times in the "active" growing season as you stated a while back.

Remember from day one I was thinking about seeding? And then had decided to St. Augustine, until you made the better suggestion. I couldn't thank you more.

There was only one other yard in the surrounding neighborhoods that we're competing, both being St. Augustine. One of them still looks extremely well, but appears to have caught brown patch or some type of fungus and it has been slowly spreading. I'm hoping they're doing something about it before it takes over the whole yard, I hate to see lawns like that go down in our neighborhood and I also love the competition. The other St. Augustine looks like it's turning yellowish/greenish to me. After I looked at it closely, it seemed like Iron Chlorosis, but could be wrong. I enjoy competing with the surrounding neighborhoods now for the best looking yard, so hopefully they'll get it straightened out. Every day I walk outside I catch people coming down our dead end and parking and just looking at our lawn, because I remember the days it looked like this.

It's been a long hall, and we gladly do appreciate all the amazing and thoughtful advice from you. If you don't mind private messaging me the name of your company I would gladly leave you some reviews in appreciation for all the time and information you shared with us throughout the entire process.
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