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Organic...well maybe. I was licensed, also, but dropped it when I didn't get enough calls. Clear heavy brush. Drain wet spots.
Organic and natural: Add fish, minnows or "mosquito fish" to ponds. Bacto vec (BT bacteria pellets) to kill larvae in fountains and trapped water. Keep water moving--mosquito larvae need still water. Add detergent or a thin sheen of oil to water where breeding might larvae and pupae suffocate and die. Mosquito traps that use a carbon dioxide and black light to attract mosquitoes to a suction fan and net. Electrified black-light traps.
If people are around...large fans keep air moving least 5 mph--mosquitoes have a hard time flying upwind.

Business wise--if you need customer satisfaction--perhaps add a mist blower spray with a low odor and the most natural and low toxicity product you can find. Pyrithrins or something similar perhaps.

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