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Garage Tool Storage Hooks

This might be a stupid question, but I find it even stupider that I can't come to conclusion to understand the theory behind this, so hopefully someone can give me an insight or better explanation, if so it would be greatly appreciated.

I'm looking for some hooks to store a trimmer and edger in the garage.

I found these hooks at lowes, which seem to be the only hooks that I can find that are deep enough to go around the brace of my trimmer.

After searching various links on the internet and reading the reviews on Lowes website, how come EVERY review and person says that you have to use a track system made by "this" brand to hang these hooks? It seems as if you could most definitely stick some large nails or drive some screws through the holes in the center to a studs behind the drywall? It just makes no sense go me and has aggitated me for the past few hours after reading reviews, blogs, and every other site about garage storage. Is it a sales gimmick or is there really some kind of loophole on these hooks that won't "allow" you to hang them without the track system?
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