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I got into Top Dressing without really knowing that it had a name. I had some customers who had some thin lawns and one of them asked me what I should do, so I suggested that we apply some compost at time of seeding. When I looked into it, that is when I discovered top Dressing. I completed my first job almost 3 years ago and just was doing it about 15 times a year with rakes and wheel barrows. I then decided after pre-selling several jobs and receiving a lot of interest from people that I would start Carolina Top Dressing. I currently rent a Eco-Lawn 150 with the intent to purchase a 200 in the next couple of months as now I am switching my focus to lawn leveling with sand on the Bermuda lawns until next spring. I made the investment into a 7X14' PJ Dump Trailer as it would be used for the new company and for Redden Lawn & Landscapes LLC. It has been a good business decision and the only thing I think I would do different is go ahead and buy the equipment. I looked again last night and have spent $3,100 on spreader rental this fall and the latter part of the summer.
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