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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Where does the anaerobic bacteria come from when the other aerobic bacteria die??? Who eats the food when the solution is dumped out onto open ground with lots of air???

Open up a can of soup and see how long it takes for all those "Dead Microbes" to start rotting your soup,,, right in the can... It is harder to prevent rot than it is to make it happen...

Once the food is gone the microbial activity will stop... the environment in which the food exists will determine the type, style, species, kind of microbes do the eating... comparing Holganix in a bottle,,, to Holganix in the dirt is invalid... it is the claims about how microbes cycle nutrients that makes this an issue... microbes cycle OM into food for plants, until they themselves become food for plants,,, end of story once the food supply is GONE...
So how does this answer the question you were asked? And why do you think anaerobic microbes provides the same benefits to plants as aerobic microbes?
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