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It looks like most of the respondents here have been disappointed with the results of Holganix. When confronted with these poor results, the Holganix people simply say "apply more". What sense does that make other than for them to sell more of their product.

If the lawn you are applying this mixture to could support these microbes or at least increased populations of them. You should be asking yourself "Why were they not already?"

It seems to me if the application area cannot support them then you might as well be applying them to dry concrete.

Applying a product that will increase the numbers of already present microbes I can understand. Applying more microbes to an area that can only support what is there already makes no sense to me.

I would think that soil improvement would support increased populations of microbes. At that point, this product MIGHT be a useful tool. Before that, it would seem to be a waste of time/money.

Do you think they might have the horse before the wagon?...From what I can see, they do.
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