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Originally Posted by andersman02 View Post
Efficiency. After going out the last few weeks it's more toward the $70 range. Some much more, some little les s. Efficiency is why you buy a 60" ztr, a leaf loader, dump truck, backpack blower etc. Say you charge 50 per mh for a 10k mower. Should you charge the same hourly for one with a 2k bagger, 3k leaf loader, dump truck, $600 blower? Heck no.
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I see the more elaborate your set up, get compensated for it correct. I just picked up a bagger unit for my mower, tomorrow I will be going to get gator blades I believe adding these two tools to the line up will help a great deal. I have a big yard I'm going to try it out on.
My tools:

44' Toro Prolline
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Tarps up the wazo
Mulch Shovel
Rakes ect

Wishlist: 2005 Silverado 2500 HD
2Stage Snow Blower (I have to think of a loading system because these things are HEAVY)

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