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Originally Posted by gregory View Post
yes my z can do it.. I added a different spray gun to the hose to spray my shrubs.. I do very little spot stuff.. If I spray anything I spray everything.if I spray one of my shrubs I will mix up enough to spray them all same thing with the yard I wont spot spray anything I will just blanket the whole yard. I sent my elec pack backs to ric almost a year ago.. I was thinking about getting one to use here or there but the more I think about it the more I think I will pass. I think it will end up sitting in the shed and I will only get it out here or there. so I will just get the z out and mix up what ever I need in of those things you think you need it but its hard for me to justify buying one and using it a few times a yr..
I have a couple electrics too, they just don't put enough out for weed control unless you walk at a snails pace, plus no agitation. If you didn't have your z it would be a perfect tool. But you do so yes it probably would sit in the shed like you said.
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