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Originally Posted by Mike NY View Post
You should be charging for your services. If it takes you longer, Bill for your efforts.
This is why this whole industry is failing. Customers are not paying for what the services are really worth.
It is truly OK to make a profit, otherwise dont do the extra service.
I love the fall, one of the most profitable times of the year for me.
Originally Posted by andersman02 View Post
Hit it on the head.

You should be getting paid for the extra time spent. Fall cleanups we bill out $80-$100 / man hour compared to 50/mh for mowing. Why? $3000 leaf loader, dump truck, triple the gas, tons more work. etc etc.

No the both of you only hit your thumb with the hammer.

You are right to charge what you charge because you have the expenses that must be covered. The person you quoted does not have your expensive leaf clean up equipment and can not match your productivity.
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