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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
Electrics also have limits on what you may apply with them. If you want them to last any length of time it is clear, water based solutions like RoundUp or Three Way amine only. Solvent based sprays or the wettable granule chemicals introduce a wear factor. Fl. I caught what you said about a Delavan pump for your shrub rig. For me, that would be run off of a Hypro D252 and a Honda Engine.
Ideally that would be the way to go. I run my skid off a D30 and Honda engine (rittenhouse) but I have a box truck and couldn't have gas engines inside so I researched 12 volts for the shrub pump and found roof cleaners were using delavan fat boys and they held up to corrosion pretty well. I got the 100 psi 7 gpm which allows me plenty of pressure and flow to have agitation back into tank by adjusting two ball valves. I also use it to pump water from the nurse tank to the lawn tank. The battery is a deep cycle inside box next to pump hard wired to the truck alternator for charging. So far so good, time will tell how long it will last but it performs great. The D30 is mounted outside in an underbody lockable box and plumbed though the floor.
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