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Originally Posted by sway View Post
For those that asked i will be spraying pre emergent, dye & post. This will be the first year that i have converted to these teejet guns with the extension due to us adding the dye to our applications.

Im switching guns so that when i apply the dye that it will look more uniform and not splotchy.... what tip do you guys prefer to cover the best area?
Y'all are going to be a freakin mess using tracker dye out of a gun that is held in front of you.

When using a single fan tip for broadcast applications we always used a 120 degree tip and a curved brass wand. This was years ago. The wider angle tends to be a bit more forgiving. A larger orifice will give you larger droplet size, less drift and a bit more volume. Of course there is the air induction technology greendoctor is speaking of and I have used them on a boom. I have not used them as a single tip handheld sprayer so I can't speak of how well they perform being used that way.

We only use blue dye for 2 things. Extremely critical spraying...usually bare ground and training Rookies to spray an even pattern.

That stuff's like handling nuclear waste and we avoid it whenever
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