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First Work Truck

Hi, I'm 17 years old and I am having trouble deciding on a work truck to fit my needs in 2014. I'm making this post now, because I figured in January/ February when I would be looking at trucks, most of you would be on Plowsite. The work truck will be purchased as a used truck. I do not know if a compact or half ton truck is best for me. I have a couple of problems that go along with this decision:

I am servicing townhouses and single family home properties only. The truck will mostly be used for hauling, and eventually towing. The towing will be later on, a 5x10 utility trailer at most. The hauling will be the typical lawn care setup for me: 20í push, handhelds, blowers, hand tools, gas cans etc. I might have a 36' wb in the spring to haul too. Additionally, Iíll be hauling mulch, topsoil (mostly bagged, occasionally bulk), and other landscaping materials. I only have 10k to spend, so is a 4 cylinder or a 6 cylinder better? I wonít be plowing or off-roading, so is 4 wheel drive necessary?

I am 6 feet 4 inches tall, and I will continue to grow for a little while longer. I need a truck with decent room. Is anyone of my size drive a truck that they really like the interior and space they have?

I plan on having the truck through the rest of high school and college, so I want to buy right the first time. I do not have any brand loyalty, but Chevy, Ford, and Toyota have the best dealer support around me. I know most of my problem can be solved by just going out and trying trucks. Does anyone have any advice for me before I go out and start?
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