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Originally Posted by Mike NY View Post
And I'll bet you just give them the additional service free of charge in November even though it requires more resources, because you are a nice guy, or a fool!
Im surely not going to give away free labor and machine time. That is the quickest way to go out of business.
I never said to not charge. Never said to work for free.

I did say because one does not have the right equipment one can not charge 4 hours for a job that will take someone with the right equipment 1 hour.

Example a $100 job is not a $400 job because ones equipment is not up to the task. You need the work. You have the time. You take the job and save till you get the right equipment. Or you pass on it.

Would you pay for the extra time to have tires installed when instead of the shop using a lift, tire machine, impact gun they did not have them so they used a lug wrench, floor jack lifting one wheel at a time, no tire machine to break the bead, and removed the old tire from the wheel and installed the new tire on the wheel by hand using tire irons?

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