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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
That's better than iron sulfate. Blue dye can be washed off, sun faded or bleached. I do not tolerate leaking fittings, hoses, or spray guns. It is a safety hazard. No one under me sprays in regular shoes or work boots either. Blue toes or blue socks, not my fault, where are your waterproof/chem resistant knee high boots?
It is better than iron sulfate, I'll agree...and you and I know that most of the blue dye can be rinsed and the rest will fade quickly but that's not going to stop the phone from ringing. And, who wants to rinse off sidewalks and driveways after application to a lawn. I don't tolerate leaking fittings either and fix them as soon as they are detected but if you have one that you didn't know you had no matter how slight you'll find it real damned quick. No tennis shoes or hiking boots here...that's insane! We spray in overshoes or knee boots depending on equipment used. In the case of blue dye I would recommend knee boots at the very least and probably spray chaps too (and you'll still probably end up with blue on you somewhere/somehow.) God help you if you drip any of the concentrate any where when filling. It will be everywhere around the shop before you know it... Look, all I am saying is the propensity for it to be a huge PITA is great. I try to avoid using it because of the mess potential.
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