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Originally Posted by rcreech View Post
So u charge the same price per k for a 3k lawn as you do a 30k lawn?

We have a price break as the lawns get larger.
I think every business does wether it's painting laying asphalt or lawn care.
Time and fuel is a huge cost if I can do 15 acres a day vs someone doing 150k a day that is worth a lot to me.
Plus larger lawns should help you increase your buying power and that helps even more.

We charge about $5.50 per k on a 10 k lawn. That is right where most everyone is in our marketing area.
We can't charge $5.50 per k on a acre. No way!

We are down to $3-3.50 on large lawns and making good money!
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Rodney, I have a $30 minimum just to show up in front of someone's house. I charge $5/k for every 1000 sq ft over that. I get $200-$215/acre all day long depending on certain factors. Some croak at the price(usually cheapskates with large lawns), others never blink an eyelash. Some of that has to do with my reputation in this area(most of my business comes through referrals). My closest competitor is priced slightly less than me up to about 30k but like you offers big discounts for everything over about that 30k mark. You are paying much less for your fertilizer I suspect due to volume, proximity to supply and some other factors so that makes a difference in the prices you charge also. Cost of materials aside, I've never felt that just because I work longer and in some cases harder at someone's property, I was somehow worth less money or they for some reason deserved a "deal". I just will not operate that way...
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