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Originally Posted by 04cubcadet3235 View Post
They actually seem cleaner inside, most engines after year 2000 are all made to run on ethanol fuel. As long as its only 10% ethanol and the motor is after 2000, its fine. Some even as far back as 1995. There is a bunch of marketing crap given out by "ethanol treatment" manufactures though. One is that the ethonal holds water, its actually the gas that does. Don't believe everything they say about the ethanol fuel, the ethanol fuel treatment companies will say anything to get you to spend money and buy their product which is mostly alcohol. In some cases that fuel treatment alone can gum up the carb. Ive seen it happen...
Fueltesters and pure-gas have some great info on additives. They break down the main ingredients in each product. Sea Foam, Sta Bil, Starbrite, Lucas, etc and all of them contain some type of alcohol, harsh solvent or even ethanol.

I used to be one of the guys that would put Stabil and Sea Foam into every gas can. I did not do any research and was being stupid. Gas companies spend millions in research and add their own additives to the fuel. If there was something so amazing on the market, the gas companies would already put it in the fuel.
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