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Takes time man....

I'll give you an example: I've been trying to get the contract for my local bank for the past 2-3 years. Was sending out emails to the banks, was showing up to the bank to talk to the manager, no luck. It was always getting sealed by my biggest competition, who isn't even local. This year I have got the contract for not just the 1 local bank, but for the 3 others surrounding my area, so 4 banks in total, close to 50,000 square feet. Just by word of mouth. I did a sealing job for a small house for one of my client, who works at the bank. He then passed the word to the general manager of the 4 banks. I started by sealing the private home of the general manager, small driveway of 800 square feet, he loved the work, so he gave me the 4 banks to seal

Just be patient, if you continue doing good work, around your local township, with everyone seeing your work + truck and equipment, the word will spread eventually. But unfortunately it does not happen in a year :P
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