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Originally Posted by retrodog View Post
Actually man the gravely with the inside baffles low actually handles bahaia better than the scag. I have heard it from several that have had or have both. You can get kawa fx on gravely too...
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I have had the older gravely 260 in my shop for a not and it didn't like bahaia too much. But it wasn't the x-factor 2 dueck I think its called. The gravely is a well built machine, I'm not knock in it, but as a dealer you know ow nice it is when your customer has a machine down and getting parts next day normal ups is sweet. Kohler efi is nice. I sell them on my walker and bobcats but I was just thinkin positives for this guys particular choice in machines. If the gravely dealer is good with service and parts then have at at. Either way your getting a great machine
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