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Originally Posted by echo View Post
As to the fuel efficiency of the 570 vs the 580 its tough to say. The tank is smaller and I believe the rpm's are higher on the 570 so I'm not sure about that. As to louder, the decibals are 110 for the 580 vs 112 for the 580. Its nice to have both but with the exception of comfort I'd never give up the 580 for the 570.
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Well now yer making me have second thoughts

As far as fuel efficiency, I would think the smaller cc engine on the 570 would use less fuel no matter how you cut it. Again I found no need for full throttle, so tank size probably isnt an issue (especially for me since Im just a homeowner, not a pro doing multiple lawns per day). It was also about 100.00 less.....for a pro it might be worth it, but for me probably not. Hell the Husq 150 or 350 probably would have been fine for me too, but I figured buy once cry once and got the 570.
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