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Originally Posted by Hidden Talents Lawn Care View Post
I realize that some people feel that I am a "LowBaller" but in reality, I am actually charging more, but over a longer period. if I have a property that is $150 per cut without a clean up, then I am actually making more money than the guy who was pissed at me for losing accounts because I "Mowed" an extra 5 times = $750, while he stopped mowing 5 weeks sooner than me so he could charge the customer $450 to do a fall clean up which took way longer to blow all those wet leaves off the lawn.
That is playing the game and in this particular game you're winning. You have found out how to sell the work in a way that makes you the most money. Tell your competitor if he's worried about losing business to you, you can save him some time and hassle and offer to buy his business.

Originally Posted by Doc Pete View Post
Time is money............If you can clean things up a bit in the same time for "seasonal" mowing, fine. Since it's the fall, I can usually skip much of the standard trimming and apply that time to the "mini" cleanup. However, when things take longer, the price goes up.
FWIW........The customer is "always" right. Once you think your the boss and start dictating to the customer, you'll be out of business..........
The customer isn't always right, the customer is almost always un or undereducated. By providing education in the right manner you can dictate the terms and make them feel like they did.
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