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"Low Cost" changes from person to person. It is better to buy a good piece of software instead of wasting money on junk. I mean there is junk out there that costs few hundred dollars. Landscape Pro saves you A LOT of time and stream lines the design, to proposal, to orders to crews, to completion/invoicing. You will regret purchasing/ wasting money on cheap software that you will finally move to something like Landscape Pro. Landscape Pro is a bargin compared to DynaScape which is amazing software but carries a price tag of 5k+. Which is worth it by far if you are big time installer / have on staff architect or designer. I have used both and formally was educated in college with Dynascape. I use Landscape Pro due to lower cost and it works great for what we need now and in the future. Dynascape was just little over kill for us or I would of purchased it.
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