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I do not know where Livonia is.

Where I am lawns will grow to the end of October. Some may need a final cut in November or the First or second week in December.

Leaves start to fall in October. The amount of leaves is not much and I mulch when I mow.

I do weekly fall clean ups. The beds blow out easier when the leaves are not left to pile up and the lawn does not get smothered an could die.

So starting with the first week in November I do 5 weekly clean ups. I skip Thanksgiving week, so I do the first two weeks in December.

Even if you use a mower and bag the leaves you are doing a clean up. That means you blow out all the beds, patios, decks, etc, onto the lawn then you pick up the leaves.

I get twice the price of mowing to do a clean up. So the $35 mow customer will be told that his clean up is $350. Each time I do a weekly service I bill out for $70. So Nov's bill will be $210, Dec's $140. I explain that the agreement is for $350 for the service. I am not charging by the week. This is to protect myself from some wise ass saying most of the leaves are gone I do not want to pay for the last visit or two and then canceling. I am charging to remove all of the leaves. Though it allows for the business to have cash flow to cover operating expenses.

If clean up season is already underway and there are only three weeks left in the schedule they still get charged the full price of $350.

So to the OP you are leaving money on the table which is never good.

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