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Originally Posted by KrayzKajun View Post
It happens do a simple mindset of

"It's not my job"

90% of players have the mindset of, we'll I pay to play here. You work here so you fix it.

When I played on the Golf team in Highschool, after practice on Saturdas our coach would have us walk the 18holes and fix all the divots.
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Couldn't agree more. It's an overall attitude these days. If it doesn't benefit "me" why should I care? Lazy, inconsiderate, selfish populous. These days people pull out a cell phone to tape a car accident instead of helping the injured, you don't expect them to repair divots and ball marks do you? Ball mark takes two seconds to fix, I'll fix mine and any other one near by while I'm there. Etiquette is part of the game too. Ok, done venting...carry on.
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