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Originally Posted by alldayrj View Post
Good point Stuve.

I also don't have to marry this truck. I can sell it in 3 years for probably what I pay for it since I'll put on about 8k a year. Seems like a good value to jump into the hook arena without tying up $50k plus.
So far my experience with trucks has not been easy to flip them and usually lose money.

Originally Posted by Krafty View Post
I bought the hooks new on both of our trucks and will transfer them through 3 trucks before we consider replacement. These things are pretty much bullet proof as long as you keep up on maintenance, greasing daily, and don't put a cowboy of a driver in them. One thing to think about though if you intend to push the container rental is your downtime with the truck. Even the best of shops you will have at minimum a week of down time transferring a hoist from one truck to another.
That's pretty cool to get three trucks worth of life. I did have that thought with the Kodiak that the box would be moved to another truck, so far everyone I've told that to has pooh-poohed that idea.
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