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Originally Posted by stuvecorp View Post
Looks good. Were you satisfied with the mini x/mower performance?
Yes and no. LOL

What I have found is that the mini ex flows are rated at 1000 psi. So if you do the math you will find that usually the rated flow will equal the actual hp available at boom. My Kubota makes about 19 GPM so that equates too 19 actual usable hp available. Not alot and it is just on the verge of being not enough. It uses a 21 cc motor and the KX080 machine uses a 28 cc motor and the KX080 is more efficient and really about as small(flow wise) I would recomend for this type of head. The KX080 makes about 26gpm. This is a mulching head not a flail mower so it is completly different and I would guess performs different than a Flail mower. Not saying it is better just clarifying that I have no experience with flail type mowers n my Mini ex. So The TB260 I am hoping to buy is rated at 27 gpm and I was given the actual flow of the machine at 3000 psi and it makes about 27 hp at the boom. So in theory it will give me about 42% more power over the Kubota KX161which is a dramatic increase.
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